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  • Basket or bread, tzatziki, greek olives (per 2 persons)

  • Santorini Salad

    white sour soft cheese, burley rusks

  • Watermelon salad

    purslane, anise cruble bread, Kopanisti Myconian Spicy Cheese

  • Fava Beans Falafel

    Colorful Beetroots, Watercress, Aged Feta Sauce

  • Baked White Eggplant

    Vegetables in Season, tzatziki

  • Wild Asparagus

    smoked, chicken breast, avocado, yogurt-herb dressing

  • Beef Carpaccio, Gribishe Sauce

  • Chicken Pie in handmade Perek Pastry, Pico de Galo

  • Moussaka Rolls, Feta Mousse

  • Kale-Green Salad

    Marinated Anchovies, Grilled Sweet Red Peppers

  • Mackerel Savoro, Summertime Cheakpeas Salad

  • Octopus Braise, Fish Roe Mousse

  • Round Sardinella Souvlaki, Tomatoes Confit

  • Aromatic Risotto, Zucchinis, Egg-Lemon Foam

  • Petoura Pasta, Fresh Mushrooms

    Garlic-Basil- Santorini Tomato Paste

  • Baked Kalamari

    Santorini Fava Cream, Caramelized Onions, Caper Marmelade

  • Fresh Seashells

    Cardoon, Vegetables in season, Lemon-Herb Sauce

  • Catch of the Day Fish Fillet, Spinach Risotto

  • Prawns Saute, Black Kous-Kous Pasta, Green Sauce

  • Black Homemade Salmon Burger

    Horseradish sauce, Wakame Salad, Ponzu

  • Stuffed Chicken Tights

    Turkey Bacon, Trahana Pilaf

  • Lamb-Beef kebabs

    Pita Bread, Yogurt- Tomato Sauce

  • Tender Sliced Pork

    Sweet Potatoes Puree, Sour Grape Sauce

  • Pulled Baby Lamb

    Homemade Orzo Pasta, Grated Volaki Cheese

  • Aged Strip Steak au Poivre

    Fresh Mushrooms, Baby Potatoes

  • Baklava in another way, Vanilla Ice cream

  • Rizogalo - Greek Rice Pudding

    White Chocolate, Greek Saffron Glaze

  • Loukoumades-Greek Puffs, Icecream, Fig Molasses

  • Volcano o f Chocolate and Flowers


  • Veto/Varvayianni green/Trikene

  • Tsipouro Sigalas

  • Aged Tsipouro Sigalas

  • Pickly Pear Sigalas





Ouzo Destillates